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Business Strategist



I’m still speechless from speaking with Kristin. She is a literal GOLDMIND!!! She helped me get clear on what I’ve been saying vs what I really want so I can get the clarity I need to make my next shift and transition in business. She showed me where to focus and literally gave me steps on how to bring my ideas together. She REALLY listens and is a well of ideas.

Jeneé Murphy

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How can I help your business?

As a Business  Strategist, I  provide you with simple, actionable and creative strategies to implement in your business.

These strategies will help you clear the fog, focus and get on the path to finally launching your business and earning a profit. 

I focus on strategies for profit, marketing, content creation, productivity and maintaining a business while raising kids at home.

When and why you should hire me?

As a business owner and CEO, you should consider hiring a business strategist when you need help or an outside perspective for change in your business. One of the telling signs that it is time to hire is when you have tried many things but have not seen much come to fruition.

As this is normal, it does not have to be the destination of your journey, just a pit stop.

When you hire me, you will be able to pick my brain, receive decision support, implementation strategies and creative solutions to help you get back on track. 

What is the process like?

The process of working with me is fairly simple. There four phases of working with me and each phase is designed to ensure our time together is successful. From being honest about whether I am the best person for the job, to doing my research on you and your business to us working together on strategies and me providing decision support along the way.

1. Discovery Phase

The first step of working with me is the discovery phase, where the goal is to take the time to learn as much as possible about your business and goals.

This phase starts with the Enrollment Call and continues into the onboarding process, the period of time where I welcome you into my business, address your questions and business concerns and ensure you understand the services available to you.

2. Evaluation Phase

During this phase, the goal is to identify what area of your business you want to focus on for implementation strategies. This includes identifying your business’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as current and foreseeable issues. These can include problems you are already aware of and new problems seen thanks to my objectivity. I will also identify solutions to those problems and opportunities to grow your business, increase profits, and boost efficiency during the evaluation phase. 

3. Implementation Phase

This is my favorite phase! During this time, we implement the strategy to improve the area(s) of your business that you hired me for. The implementation phase can vary in length dependent upon which package you invested in.

4. Decision Support Phase

I understand that clients thrive off of accountability and support. Therefore, during this phase, you will have access to me as I support you via decision support as you begin incorporating anything we worked on during the last phase into your business. 



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