About Me

I’d like to introduce you to Kristin Arilus. 

Kristin is the founder of Monetized Mama where she helps mom entrepreneurs simplify and automate their service-based business.

She can help you peer into the future of what your business could be if it could run itself, then strategically sort through the clutter and find the best system to get there. Many people know what they need but struggle with the details of how to put it all together. Kristin is your systems guru to help you save time and monetize yourself quicker than you ever imagined.

Once Kristin is armed with your destination, she takes action, gets you results, learns from it, then uses that information to take the next step. Basically, she does the heavy lifting for you.


Her services include: 

The Expert Lab – A consulting intensive to help you clarify your business model, offers, pricing and marketing plan.

Systems That Serve – Implementation services to help you get your systems in order so they are both pretty and functional so your business can grow and allow you to enjoy your life and the extra income you will secure with systems that serve both you and the client.

The Rhythm Society – A membership community with weekly content to help you simplify and automate your business (in a way that won’t overwhelm you).

Here is her email: hello@kristinarilus.com otherwise, you can learn more about working or collaborating with Kristin here: http://kristinarilus.com/clientinquiry

Meet The Littles

My littles are Zion (daughter) & Nile (son). Being a military wife with a husband stationed in Japan, no local family and two active little people; building a business that allows time for me to be present for them is important to me. 

Therefore, I regularly spend weekdays out in the town with then and run my business in just 15 – 20 hours a week. 

I am able to do this because of my simple business model and automated systems and processes to serve my clients. 

I can’t wait to do the same for you!