It’s the end of 2018, and you’re ready to get serious about being the best version of you so that you can build a profitable business in 2019. To have a truly successful business, you must ensure that you’re taking care of your personal needs as well. Don’t get too caught up in working on your business that you forget about the freedom you wanted before starting a business.

As a mom entrepreneur, I understand how stressful it can be to maintain ALL THE THINGS. Working to build a thriving business, keeping the laundry done, kids washed, dressed and feed and taking care of all the other things on your list. I majorly sucked at doing this my first year and a half of business so I get it. But, I have been working on myself and wanted to share my personal plan to ensure that the next 12 months are better.

Let’s dive into how to make 2019 Your Breakthrough Year.

Reflect, Release, Reboot

These are 3 key things you want to make sure you do before creating your big picture plan. You can’t have one without the other. To make 2019 Your Breakthrough Year, you must reboot and think forward to where you want to be with your life and business in 12 months. To reboot, you must release to forgive yourself for past mistakes, disappointments, and delays on previous goals in your life and business. To release, you must reflect on what was going on during those times in your life and business, and understand why certain things didn’t work out.

Practice the 3 R’s on a regular basis, and you’ll learn how to get to where you want to be with a sense of accomplishment, joy, and pure satisfaction!

Create a Bucket List

Having a bucket list is a great way to put things in perspective about why you’re working so hard to earn the income and lifestyle you deserve. When you have big dreams, you have to manifest them into existence. Think about the top 10-20 things you’d want to do if you found out you only had 12 months to live. Yes, this sounds daunting, but this is what will inspire you to take the necessary actions to begin living your dreams. When I created this list, I realized that I would love to take a 4-week vacation with my family traveling Europe, Africa or somewhere exotic. Why not?

Get Active

You can’t truly take care of your business if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Many statistics show that people who exercise regularly, perform better in their business due to making their health a priority. You don’t have to do heavy lifting or high-intensity workouts to be active. Making time for a brisk walk can allow you to think with a clear mindset, set positive affirmations, and be driven to move forward with your business life.

Find an Accountability Partner

No matter how ambitious you are about your big goals, you need to make sure you aren’t isolating yourself from the outside world. You may do this initially to reduce distractions and stay focused, but over time, it can hinder the growth of your business. Who’s going to be there when you become overwhelmed and desperate for a conversation? An accountability partner is there to remind you of why you set your big goals and hold you accountable for them.

Those are 4 things that will help you make 2019 Your Breakthrough Year.

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